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Welcome to Paws Insider, a haven for every dog parent seeking the best for their four-legged friends! Our mission is to guide you through the world of dog care with comprehensive buying guides, unbiased reviews, tutorials, and updates on dog food recalls. Together, we aim to lead millions of dogs to happier, healthier lives.

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Mission Statement

A Journey Toward Healthier, Happier Dogs

At Paws Insider, we embark on an epic mission to reach and assist dog parents across the globe, enabling them to offer their dogs the best care and love. Through our tutorials, guides, reviews, and prompt alerts, we aspire to build a world where dogs and their parents thrive together.

Our Story

A Boy’s Love and a Global Mission: The Journey of Paws Insider

A Spark of Passion: Alex Vicente’s love for pets began over 30 years ago in Portugal with a puppy named Teddy. That initial connection blossomed into a lifelong journey of rescuing dogs and even a few cats. His passion extended beyond just owning pets; it turned into a mission to educate and support others.

The Birth of Paws Insider: Established in 2020, Paws Insider was a natural progression of Alex’s passion and experience. Realizing the need for a one-stop destination for pet owners, he decided to create a platform that provides everything a pet parent might need. With an ambitious goal, he set out to make Paws Insider a name synonymous with quality pet care.

From One to Many: What began as a personal project soon evolved into a team effort. With expert reviews, comprehensive guides, and evidence-based content, the site grew. Now, with over 15,000 monthly visitors, Paws Insider stands as a testament to a dream that turned into a reality.

Alex and his white Husky, Sam, rubbing noses
Alex and his white Husky, Sam, rubbing noses

Who We Are

The Team Behind the Paw Prints

  • Roles and Responsibilities: From content creation to expert reviews, our team is dedicated to serving our readers.
  • Backgrounds and Experiences: Comprising pet lovers, professionals, and seasoned writers, our team offers diverse insights.
  • Personal Interests and Hobbies: We’re not just writers; we’re pet parents ourselves, sharing our joys and learnings with you.

Our Responsibility

Editorial Integrity and Ethical Practices

  • Independence & Honesty: We don’t let brands sway us; our recommendations stand on merit alone.
  • Evidence-Based Content: Reviewed by professionals and backed by sources, our information is your trustworthy guide.
  • Affiliate Marketing Transparency: We partner with Amazon, Chewy, and others, maintaining unbiased recommendations.

Our Ethical Commitments

  • Animal Welfare: We stand against cruelty and only endorse compassionate brands.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Our recommendations consider the planet, focusing on minimal harm.

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Let’s Talk, Friend!

We love hearing from our readers! Feel free to email us at [email protected] or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Your insights help us grow and serve you better.