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Best Dry Dog Food for French Bulldogs in 2024

• Updated on August 28, 2023

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The best dry dog food for French Bulldogs is Farmina N&D Prime Formula, in case you are in a hurry and just want to find out what our top recommendation is.

Providing your Frenchie with the right diet is an important part of pet care.

It’s a complicated business, though, because the food you provide has to meet all their dietary requirements.

Like with most dogs, the diet of a Frenchie depends on their age and size.

French bulldogs have sensitive digestive systems that need to be taken care of, too.

That’s why their feed should help stop them from having any health problems.

To help pick the right feed for your dog, we go through the best and worst feeding habits for your Frenchie.

We highlight the five best dry dog food for French bulldogs. Stick around!

5 Best Dry Food For French Bulldogs

Our Frenchies deserve the best, and the best comes down to dog food that’ll keep them healthy and strong.

This breed struggles enough with breathing and digestive issues their whole lives, but with the right food, you can help strengthen their cardiovascular muscles and prevent them from getting gassiness, diarrhea, or flatulence.

That being said, here are some of the best dry dog foods for French bulldogs.

Farmina Natural & Delicious Adult Dry Dog Food

Years of scientific research in collaboration with the Chair of Animal Nutrition at the University of Naples Federico II led the Farmina Vet Research group to formulate a nutritional system designed for the nature of our four-legged family members.


Farmina is a dog food targeted for both adult and French bulldog puppies.

It’s a dog feed best suited for older pups because of its nutritionally balanced recipe.

This prime formula is made mainly from deboned chicken, both dehydrated and fresh, alongside pomegranates.

Farmina has additionally mixed in omega fatty acids and berries to boost the formula’s protein percentage.

This will help promote the active and healthy growth of your young Frenchie.

It’ll support your senior pup with its digestion and well-being, too.

  • PROS
  • The formula contains 37% protein, 20% fat, and 35% carbs
  • Free of whole peas and legumes that cause indigestion
  • Rich with antioxidants
  • CONS
  • Slightly over the marketing price
  • Free of whole peas and legumes that cause indigestion
  • Rich with antioxidants

Purina provides the perfect formula for bulldogs who regularly face digestive problems.

The recipe is rich in fiber because its main ingredient is rice.

Its protein source is real chicken that’s deboned and then added to the formula. Altogether, this recipe helps prevent diarrhea.

The Purina formula is full of vitamins, such as E, A, and D. Additionally, it contains omega-3 fatty acids that’ll make your Frenchie grow faster.

Since the feed also has live probiotics, it’ll boost your pup’s immunity.

  • PROS
  • A 33% of protein content
  • Multi-nutritional dog feed

  • Encourages healthy development
  • CONS
  • Low content of garlic oil but might still be harmful to some dogs
  • Multi-nutritional dog feed

  • Encourages healthy development

Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dry Dog Food

Offer your dog a recipe made from naturally nutrient-rich ingredients that support overall health with Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Real Beef and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food with Ancient Grains. Real deboned beef is the first ingredient in this dog food with brown rice, helping to build and maintain healthy muscle tissue.


Merrick’s formula is a classic, grain-based diet that’s ideal for senior and adult bulldogs.

The recipe is rich in variants of proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals. It mixes deboned beef, pork meal, brown rice, barley, and oatmeal.

The adult formula contains extra healthy grains, such as quinoa, flaxseed, alfalfa meal, and chia seed.

These ingredients are packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Mixed-in fruits and vegetables promote a healthier body.

  • PROS
  • A balanced diet of 29% protein, 17% fat, and 46% carbs
  • Multiple sources of vitamins and minerals

  • A healthy, grain-based formula
  • CONS
  • No plant-based proteins, only meat-based ones
  • Multiple sources of vitamins and minerals

  • A healthy, grain-based formula

Nulo Freestyle Grain Free Dry Dog Food

100% ALL NATURAL Your pets are family, so give them the same care you’d give your loved ones and relatives. Nulo Grain-Free dry dog food is a premium blend made without white potatoes, tapioca, and other fillers.


Nulo Freestyle dog food is a great option for adult French bulldogs.

Their nutritious formula is made to support hip and elbow joints.

Plus, it helps provide them with high levels of energy.

In case of injury, this feed should speed up your pup’s recovery.

As for the ingredients, the Nulo recipe gets its primary meat-based proteins from salmon, turkey, and menhaden fish.

The formula’s carbs mainly consist of sweet potatoes and whole peas.

For easy digestion, they also added ample probiotics.

  • PROS
  • A balanced 53% fat-to-protein ratio
  • Recommended for recovering Frenchies

  • Promotes a healthy body and digestive system
  • CONS
  • Suited only for French bulldogs over 18 months
  • Recommended for recovering Frenchies

  • Promotes a healthy body and digestive system

NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Give your pet the wholesome ingredients they love with NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Dry Dog Food recipes. Made for small breed dogs ages 1 year and older, this dry food’s crunchy texture helps clean your dog’s teeth to help control plaque buildup.


Nutro’s dog feed generally targets all small dog breeds, meaning it’s not specifically made for French bulldogs.

However, the formula’s ingredients focus on fixing common weight and stomach issues these dogs face.

The recipe is high in protein and fiber.

This diet encourages high levels of energy and will keep your dog lively and well.

It’s a simple mix of chicken, rice, barley, and peas.

  • PROS
  • A perfect balance between protein, carbs, and fiber
  • Builds stronger muscle mass

  • Provides your dog with enough energy for exercise
  • CONS
  • Some dogs are allergic to the formula’s flaxseeds
  • Builds stronger muscle mass

  • Provides your dog with enough energy for exercise

What to Know Before Buying Dry Feed for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs eating from a bowl

A French bulldog’s dietary requirements fully depend on its size and age.

For example, senior Frenchies need more protein but fewer calories than younger puppies.

Growing Frenchies, on the other hand, require a fistful of minerals and vitamins.

An older bulldog that’s likely to be inactive would only need enough calories to go by.

That said, there are universal elements any dry feed for French bulldogs should have.

It’s only the percentage of each ingredient that’ll change according to your dog’s age and energy levels.


Any dog in the world needs a meat-based protein diet, especially French bulldogs.

Such proteins are easy for their stomachs to absorb, meaning they don’t cause your pup any digestive problems.


The fats your Frenchie needs come down to both fatty acids and oils.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are found in fish-based dog food. Each of them boosts your dog’s immune system.

On the other hand, fatty oils keep your dog’s skin and bones healthy.

They include salmon and chicken fat oil.


Your Frenchie doesn’t need many carbs.

Too many carbs can actually make your dog obese.

Their diets should have just enough, though, since carbs are a good source of probiotics.

This keeps your dog’s stomach walls healthy and strong.


Fiber is an important element in a bulldog’s diet.

That’s why your dog food should always contain either brown or white rice.

Fiber works together with carbs to improve your dog’s digestion.


French Bulldogs looking and waiting

Your Frenchie’s mealtime should be both fun and healthy.

Their food should contain enough nutrients and vitamins that’ll help them grow steadily.

Even senior bulldogs need their nutrition so they can remain healthy.

As a result, we’d recommend getting Farmina’s prime formula.

From the five best dry dog food for French bulldogs we talked about, the N&D recipe covers most of your pet’s needs.

Its formula is well-balanced and will keep your dog lively and healthy, regardless of its age.

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