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Best Vitamins for French Bulldogs: Top 5 Multivitamin Supplements in 2023

• Updated on August 22, 2023

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The best vitamins for French Bulldogs are the Pet Honesty 10-for-1 Soft Chews Multivitamin, in case you are in a hurry and just want to find out what our top recommendation is.

Being a dog owner means enjoying lots of cuddles and plenty of bonding time, especially with an adorable breed like French bulldogs.

It also means taking care of your four-legged companion’s health by offering them well-balanced and nutritious foods.

The problem is no matter how hard you try, sometimes your dog will just need a bit of extra sustenance to maintain their overall health.

This is where supplements come in.

Today, we’re counting down the top five best vitamins for French bulldogs.

No matter how old your Frenchie is, these will help provide them with the minerals and nutrients they need to stay strong and active.

Let’s take a look.

The 5 Best Vitamins for French Bulldogs

Before deciding on these five products, we talked to various dog owners, experts, and vets.

These picks came in at the top of all their lists in terms of nutritional value, health benefits, and taste.

Yet, before giving your pooch any dietary supplements, talk with your vet.

They’ll advise you on which is better suited for your dog’s age and weight, especially if they suffer from allergies or have sensitive stomachs.

Pet Honesty 10-for-1 Soft Chews Multivitamin

Best Overall

This one-a-day multivitamin is filled with all the essential supplements, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs that they might be lacking from their current diet.


If you’re looking for a multivitamin that does it all, this is it!

Pet Honest 10-for-1 contains all the major essential nutrients to sustain your pooch’s bones, cartilage, and joint health.

Plus, it keeps their coat and skin smooth, shiny, and disease-free.

The feature that immediately caught our eye is that it contains probiotics.

So, it also nourishes the gut biome and helps improve digestion.

Another advantage is that these multivitamins don’t contain any preservatives or steroids.

So, they’re safe for all Frenchies, even those with sensitive stomachs.

  • PROS
  • Has no preservatives or artificial additives
  • Contains probiotics for healthy digestion
  • Made from a nutritious base mix of sweet potatoes, carrots, and krill oil
  • CONS
  • May cause bad breath in some dogs
  • Contains probiotics for healthy digestion
  • Made from a nutritious base mix of sweet potatoes, carrots, and krill oil
Pet MD Canine Tabs Plus

Pet MD Canine Tabs Plus is an advanced dietary source of vitamins and minerals for all the necessary nutrients to keep your dog vital and heathy.


The Pet MD Tabs Plus comes in nice, bite-size pieces.

Plus, they’re chewy and easy to bite into.

We also tried crumbling the tablet into our Frenchie’s meal, and it was even easier and more effective.

In fact, they even licked their bowl when they were done, which we took as a sign of a happy dog.

The best part is they’re chock-full of minerals and vitamins to keep your pooch in good health, no matter how old they are.

Not only that, but they contain liver powder as a source of protein.

  • PROS
  • Ideal for pregnant and nursing Frenchie moms
  • Can be crumbled into food as a more accessible alternative

  • Made with liver powder as an additional source of protein and energy
  • CONS
  • Comes in a liver flavor, which can be a turn-off for some dogs
  • Can be crumbled into food as a more accessible alternative

  • Made with liver powder as an additional source of protein and energy
ProSense Dog Vitamin Solutions

Best for Budget

ProSense brand offers a variety of proactive, sensible solutions for all of your pet’s healthcare and wellness needs. Easily shop our solution-based segments to develop the best healthcare plan for your companion.


ProSense multivitamins are designed for dogs during all stages of their lives.

They help promote healthy skin and joints while boosting your pup’s immune system.

They also contain free-radical antioxidants, like vitamin C and linoleic acid.

Known for their ability to boost cell function, these minerals help slow down the aging process on the cellular level.

We like that these chewable vitamins have a natural, mild taste.

Plus, they come in an easy-to-use bottle.

  • PROS
  • Contains a balanced mix of minerals and antioxidants
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages

  • Rich in brewers yeast to support lean muscle mass
  • CONS
  • Could pose a choking hazard for smaller dogs
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages

  • Rich in brewers yeast to support lean muscle mass
Pet Parents 5-in-1 Multi-Vitamin

Best for Chewable

Pet Parents dog vitamins supplement is “paws”itively the best! Our vitamins for dogs supplement assists with a healthy skin & coat, dog joint health, heart & immune health, dog digestive health, supporting daily heath, providing additional nutrients, boosting your dogs energy, and proactive preventative care for your dog!


Available in chewy, bite-size portions, these multivitamins are great for Frenchies of all ages.

They contain five essential vitamins: A, C, E, omega-3, and CoQ10.

In addition, they’re rich in inactive ingredients that help boost digestion.

Moreover, they help lower cholesterol levels by enhancing blood circulation to improve your pup’s cardiovascular health.

All these ingredients work behind the scenes to promote cartilage and joint support.

They also work to provide your pup with optimal stamina and energy levels.

  • PROS
  • Don’t contain any corn, soy, or grain
  • Contain CoQ10 to boost heart health

  • Easy to chew
  • CONS
  • They have a potent vitamin aroma
  • Contain CoQ10 to boost heart health

  • Easy to chew
Zesty Paws Allergy Relief Soft Chews

Best for Allergies

If sensitive skin or seasonal allergies give your dog a hard time, Zesty Paws AllerImmune Bites chewables are the best functional supplements to help your canine get the relief and support they're craving.


Zesty Paws are one of the trusted names in pet food and supplements.

That’s why we know your Frenchie will enjoy nibbling on these nutritious bites.

Even if they suffer from allergies, these multivitamins will help keep them in optimal health.

Each portion is packed with all the vitamins and minerals your pooch needs to support hip and joint health.

A nice bonus is that it makes their coats smoother and shinier as well!

They also contain ingredients that improve gut health and aids in digestion, like fish oil and Biotin.

As a direct result, their immune system gets a nice boost, ensuring your dog remains disease-free.

  • PROS
  • Ideal for dogs with any type of allergies
  • Improves digestion
  • Supports immune health
  • CONS
  • Contains palm fruit oil, which may cause diarrhea in some dogs
  • Improves digestion
  • Supports immune health

How Vitamins Boost Your Dog’s Health

white and black French bulldog looking

Including vitamins and supplements into your French bulldog’s diet can help improve their overall well-being.

From giving them a shinier coat to strengthening their bones, supplements can play a significant role in ensuring your four-legged friend is healthy and happy.

Below are a few examples of the vitamins your dog needs for optimal development:

  • Glucosamine: boosts cartilage in joints and eases joint pain
  • Fish oil: eliminates skin allergies and enhances the quality and shine of your pup’s coat
  • Antioxidants: reduce infections and inflammations, and slow down the effects of aging
  • Probiotics: maintain a healthy gut biome and improve the digestive process

Our Top Pick

owner petting her French bulldog

The best vitamins for French bulldogs prevent arthritis and joint pain.

Plus, they aid in the digestion process and help improve your dog’s heart health.

They should also make their coats look shiny and smooth as a nice bonus.

While all the five choices on our list are winners, we especially like Pet Honesty Multivitamin.

They offer top-of-the-line health care for your Frenchie while boosting their digestion.

Best of all, they contain no preservatives or additives for added safety.

If you’re looking for something you can crumble and mix with your dog’s food, then try Pet MD Canine Tabs Plus.

They contain liver powder, which is an excellent source of protein to boost your Frenchie’s energy and stamina.

In addition, these chewable treats are soft and bite-sized, making them less of a choking hazard.

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