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Best Ear Cleaner for French Bulldogs: Top 4 Picks for 2024

• Updated on August 21, 2023

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the top ear cleaner for Frenchies is, then we recommend the EcoEars Natural Dog Ear Cleaner as the best ear cleaner for French Bulldogs.

Frenchies have sensitive ears that are susceptible to damage unless taken care of and cleaned out regularly.

Because your puppy’s ear canal is moist and warm, it poses an ideal environment for bacteria to grow in.

However, with the right ear cleaner, you can help prevent future infections and treat existing ones before they develop.

In this guide, we help you choose the best ear cleaner for French Bulldogs by reviewing our top four products.

As a plus, we also tell you what to look for in a dog ear cleaner.

Let’s begin!

4 Best Ear Cleaner for French Bulldog

EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner

EcoEars, a dog ear cleaner solution that is made of natural herbs and essential oils, and can help with the symptoms of dog ear itch, discharge, and discomfort.


Our first pick is EcoEars’ all-natural ear cleaner.

Made only from organic and nature-based ingredients, this product is an excellent choice for all dog owners.

For Frenchies especially, since they have infection-prone ears, the EcoEars is suitable for daily use.

It doesn’t feature any harmful additives. Plus, it’s highly effective, with results showing in under 24 hours.

Not only that but EcoEars’ uses aren’t limited to just simple ear infections.

This dog ear cleaner can also be used to treat more advanced issues by removing any guck or bacteria found in your puppy’s ear.

When it comes to the appropriate dosage, use EcoEars once for ten days to treat irritated ears or minor infections.

For severe cases, however, continue using the cleaner for at least 15 days.

  • PROS
  • Contains no synthetic chemicals, medications, or corticosteroids
  • It acts as both preventative medicine and an ear cleaner
  • It can be used daily without any long-term side effects
  • CONS
  • Quite expensive compared to other listed items
  • It acts as both preventative medicine and an ear cleaner
  • It can be used daily without any long-term side effects
VetWELL Ear Cleaner for Dogs

VetWELL Otic Cleansing Solution, was developed by veterinarians to gently deodorize, clean, dry and acidify the ear canal.


VetWELL is ideal for Frenchie owners whose pets struggle with constant bacterial and yeast infections.

It’s also the perfect solution for French bulldogs prone to mites.

Since VetWELL ear cleaner is a gentle, scent-free formula, it’s most effective in getting rid of any dirt, wax, or excessive fluids found in your puppy’s ears. With the proper use, this formula guarantees a pain-free ear.

That’s because VetWELL’s ear solution features natural, safe ingredients, such as Aloe, Eucalyptus, and Salicylic Acid.

As a result, it won’t harm your pup’s ears in the long term, meaning you can use it daily without worrying.

It’s worth mentioning here that VetWELL is an affordable option that works not only with French bulldogs but is safe to use on cats too.

However, it isn’t effective against strong infection cases.

  • PROS
  • An organic-based formula suitable for preventative use
  • Effective against bacteria, yeast, and ear mites
  • It can help relieve itching and redness symptoms
  • CONS
  • It can’t be used to treat severe ear infections
  • Effective against bacteria, yeast, and ear mites
  • It can help relieve itching and redness symptoms
Epi-Otic Dog Ear Cleaner

Epi-Otic for the regular hygiene of the ears of the dog or before the use of a product for the treatment in case of external otitis.


An affordable alternative to EcoEars’ product will be the Epi-Optic ear cleaner by Virbac.

Made from Salicylic Acid—a natural ingredient found in aspirin, this liquid-based ear drop is highly effective in battling off mites.

Additionally, it works best with Frenchies that struggle with smelly ears. It quickly wears off bacteria in three days at most.

The manufacturer also makes an advanced version of this item that’s ideal for severe infection cases.

Unlike the EcoEars’ solution, though, Epi-Otic shouldn’t be used daily.

Despite it being a mild ear cleaner, using it regularly may cause redness.

If you intend to use it as a preventative measure, then apply it once every two days.

With that in mind, we still recommend checking with a vet before administrating Epi-Otic to a French bulldog.

Some dogs have highly sensitive ears, and this formula can irritate them.

  • PROS
  • An effective blend against mites and bad odor
  • Budget-friendly and works just as good

  • A mild ear cleaner that won’t sting your dog’s ears
  • CONS
  • Not suitable for sensitive French bulldogs
  • Budget-friendly and works just as good

  • A mild ear cleaner that won’t sting your dog’s ears
Petpost Dog Ear Cleaner

Petpost! is for all the mud-loving, park-obsessed, jump-upper dogs out there


Similar to VetWELL and EcoEars, this product from PetPost is among the few safe ear cleaners that you’re allowed to use every day.

The formula is mostly made up of chemical-free ingredients that won’t harm your Frenchie.

Not only that, but since it’s a mildly-scented ear solution, it won’t irritate or sting the sensitive skin of your dog’s ears.

PetPost’s product is also effective in treating mites and preventing them from being a problem again.

Additionally, it’s a gentle formula with pretty great cleaning properties.

You can easily use PetPost ear cleaner to get rid of excess wax, dirt, and dust.

The solution is ideal for curing moderate health issues, such as smelly and itchy ears.

Unlike Epi-Otic and EcoEars, PetPost can’t be used to fix more problematic infections.

Even with mites, PetPost is only useful in the early stages.

  • PROS
  • The mild and safe-to-use formula for all dogs
  • It can be applied every day as a preventative measure

  • A fast-acting ear cleaner
  • CONS
  • Won’t help in treating advanced ear problems
  • It can be applied every day as a preventative measure

  • A fast-acting ear cleaner

What Should My Frenchie’s Ear Cleaner Have?

owner cleaning dog ears

The wrong ear cleaner can cause more harm than good. Instead of warding off an infection, you may end up irritating your pup’s ears.

That’s why an ear cleaner for French bulldogs should have the following:

Natural Ingredients

A formula that’s all-organic and natural is essential in a dog ear cleaner.

Synthetic chemicals irritate a Frenchie’s sensitive ears.

Look for safe ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus oil, as they’re highly effective in treating bacterial infections.

A Fast-Acting Formula

Some ear cleaners take days before a Frenchie’s ears start to show signs of healing.

A fast-acting solution won’t irritate your dog as much.

Plus, most dogs don’t like sitting still for long, meaning the less time you can spend on cleaning their ears, the better.


french bulldog looking with ears up

In this guide, we went through our top four dog ear cleaners so you can give your puppy the best ear cleaner for French bulldogs available.

That said, we highly recommend the EcoEars product.

Not only does it work faster than other ear cleaners, but it eliminates any ear-related health issues your Frenchie might be suffering from.

It’s medicine and a cleaner solution all in one.

So, make sure you save your pups from nasty ear infections by regularly cleaning out their ears!

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