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Best French Bulldog Tear Stain Remover: Top 4 Picks for 2023

• Updated on August 22, 2023

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The best tear stain remover for French Bulldogs is the TropiClean Stain Cleanser in case you are in a hurry and just want to find out what our top recommendation is.

Having a French Bulldog is nothing short of a blessing.

These pups excel in adding joy to our lives, but their health problems make you exert extra effort to keep them in good shape.

Having tear stains is a common problem with dogs in general and brachycephalic dogs in specific.

This is because their facial folds trap tears and allow for bacterial and fungal infections, which eventually lead to tearing stains.

We won’t bother you with the medical causes of tear stains, but we’ll assume that you’ve visited a vet and removed the cause.

Now it’s time to remove the existing symptoms—the tear stains.

Tear stain removing products are the best solution for that, and they’re everywhere on the market.

The trick is finding one that works without irritating your French Bulldog.

That’s when we come in. We’ve looked around and made a carefully selected list to help you find the best tear stain remover for French Bulldogs.

4 Best Tear Stain Remover for French Bulldogs

Here’s our list of the finest tear stain removers available right now:

TropiClean SPA Shampoo Tear Stain Remover for Dogs

SPA by TropiClean Tear Stain Remover is the routine solution for continued staining and discoloration of pet facial areas.


If you’re looking for a stain remover that you can use daily without irritating your pup, the TropiClean stain cleanser is good.

The reason why you can use TropiClean every day is the absence of soap and parabens.

Parabens can cause allergic reactions in dogs and, along with soap, could lead to dryness and itchiness of your Frenchie’s skin. Always make sure that your stain cleanser is free of them.

The TropiClean Stain Cleanser is made of a mild coconut cleanser, vanilla, blueberry, ginger, kiwi, and white tea!

That good blend of natural products is gentle on your dog’s eyes should it get inside. However, it could be somewhat gentle on the stains as well, which slows down its effect.

Don’t get discouraged; you will notice an immediate difference in the prominence of the stains after the first use. Still, it will take a few times before the stains are completely gone.

Here’s how to use the TropiClean Stain Cleanser.

SPA Tropiclean HOW TO USE the Eye & Beard Stains Remover
  • PROS
  • Soap and paraben-free
  • Doesn’t hurt your dog’s eyes

  • Doesn’t cause itchiness or irritation
  • CONS
  • The stain removing process takes a bit more time than other products on our list
  • Doesn’t hurt your dog’s eyes

  • Doesn’t cause itchiness or irritation

Angels’ Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Wipes for Dogs

Angels’ Eyes Gentle Tear Stain wipes are recommended to help remove dried mucus secretions, discharge, and tear stains from around your pet’s eyes.


Using tissues and wipes has always been more convenient than using liquids.

This is why we recommend the Angels’ Eyes wipes as an easier replacement.

These pre-soaked wipes remove the tear stains from your Frenchie’s eyes using Juniper berry oil.

This oil has disinfecting properties, so you can directly apply it to wounds to promote healing.

Juniper oil also helps in stain removal by ridding your pup of yeast infections.

If most of your Frenchie’s eye stain is from a fungal infection, you’re in for a pleasant treat!

After wiping, make sure to remove any torn pieces of the Angels’ Eyes Wipes using dry cotton or cloth.

You don’t want them getting stuck in your Frenchie’s eyes.

The one downside we could find about these wipes is that they’re not safe to use for dogs under 12 weeks.

The Juniper oil causes eye irritation in the eyes of younger dogs.

  • PROS
  • Wipes are quick and easy to use
  • Excellent against yeast infections of the eye

  • Disinfection properties. No need to worry if applied to a cut
  • CONS
  • Not suitable for dogs under 12 weeks old as it causes irritation
  • Excellent against yeast infections of the eye

  • Disinfection properties. No need to worry if applied to a cut

Squishface Wrinkle Paste

Wrinkle Paste cleans and protects dog wrinkles, tear stains and tail pockets.


How great would it feel to have a product designed for the flabby faces of French Bulldogs?

This is what Squishface Wrinkle Paste Stain Remover brings to the table.

This product is arguably the best (and most expensive) stain remover for French Bulldogs on the market.

Squishface Wrinkle Paste won’t only help you remove the eye stains, but it will also clean the wrinkles, facial folds, and the tail pocket as well!

The composition formula contains minimum ingredients, which reduce the instances of allergy to the minimum.

If your Frenchie is allergic to other products, you have a good chance of not experiencing any allergy with the Squishface Wrinkle Paste.

We’re not done yet! The paste is highly water-resistant, and it will stop bacteria and fungus from accumulating in those hard-to-clean folds of your Frenchie.

With all those advantages, one would start looking for that catch.

Well, the paste tube is relatively small, two ounces, to be specific.

It’ll also cost you considerably more than most other products.

However, it removes stains and cleans the folds, so it’s like getting two products in one.

  • PROS
  • The water-resistant barrier inhibits fungal and bacterial growth
  • Minimum chances of allergic reactions

  • Removes the stains and cleans the folds
  • CONS
  • Small tube for a considerably high price
  • Minimum chances of allergic reactions

  • Removes the stains and cleans the folds

Arava Pet Eye Wipes

Arava pet eye wipes prevent new tear stains, infections and irritations caused by mucus around the eye.


We already have wipes, but we’ve included the Arava Dead Sea Wipes in our list for a reason.

They’re more effective than Angels’ Eyes in removing eye stains if the reason is less related to fungal infections.

These wipes contain Aloe Vera and Chamomile, which provide anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and sedative effects to help comfortably clean those stubborn stains.

The Aloe Vera/Chamomile combination also provides your dog with an anti-allergic effect.

If your dog suffers from itchy eyes, Arava Wipes will improve the condition.

The wipes themselves are extra soft, so you shouldn’t worry about causing too much friction while wiping your Frenchie’s face.

However, being too soft also makes the Arava Wipes more prone to tearing than Angels’ eyes wipes.

  • PROS
  • An anti-allergic effect that helps with itchy eyes
  • They are soft enough for gentle cleaning

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects
  • CONS
  • Wipes are sometimes easily torn
  • They are soft enough for gentle cleaning

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects


white French bulldog looking

So you managed to go all the way through our list. We hope that it made your life (and your pup’s) a little easier.

Let’s do a quick recap, TropiClean Stain Cleanser is a cleansing lotion that is gentle on your puppy’s eyes.

Angels’ Eyes and Arava Dead Sea wipes provide a user-friendly irritation-free experience while cleaning the stains.

If you don’t mind pumping a little extra budget, Squishface Wrinkle Paste Stain Remover should work wonders with your French Bulldog.

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